Lee, from Leicester

Scott came on Friday to repair the rear passenger inner & outer sill & part of the floor section on my ford Capri.

He did a superb job, chopped all the corrosion out & replaced with fresh steel 

To factory standard, he also explained step by step with each part of the repair.

I won't have just anyone work on my car but I have booked him again for 2 more days but unfortunately I've got to wait until September!! It just proves how good he is 

Another happy customer 

Thanks Scott 

Jason, from Staffordshire

Top experience, Scott welded a new rear turret in my old E36 BMW. Great job, and the car is back to its former glory. Scott is a very knowledgeable and likeable guy. Highly recommended.

Andy, from Telford

My old Mini has been off the road for 9 years now. I had some welding done at a local garage 8 years ago and it's been stood in the garage ever since. I could see extra parts that I felt needed Welding and have been trying to get someone to do it for me. Which has been a hard task to say the least! Then I found Scott and I sent him a message. 

Not only did he message back swiftly but he was clear about everything including the price and I managed to book in a date! 

Today Scott has been and my Mini is now welded up and solid again! It actually wasn't in as bad state as I had thought and Scott was quick to reassure me of that. I thought it would be at least a whole day's work but thanks to Scotts honesty and a ton of advice the car was finished much quicker to a high standard and with a couple of days of getting my hands dirty using Scotts advice and knowledge the car will be ready for paint and I will have been able to do some of the work myself too which will be extremely satisfying!

If you are looking for quality, clearness and honesty with the added bonus of being able to come to your door then this is your guy! I know exactly who to call in future.