Frequently asked questions

Will you quote a job?

Quoting jobs is a very inaccurate way to work, often rust is hidden and isn’t fully exposed until the area is cleaned up.  Quoting by  some,  can lead to corner cutting or the quote itself will be excessive to try to  cover the unforeseen.

This is why I charge by the hour, you pay for the time I work.

However,  if  you  need  a  fixed  price  for  a  job,  feel  free  to  contact  me  and  I  will  provide  an  estimate.

From the workshop you’ll get email or text updates on everything I do, along with progress reports, or if mobile, as I would then travel to you, you’ll be there to see what’s going on and have as much input as you wish. 

I have a limited budget, can you help?

Of course, classic cars aren’t your gas bill or mortgage, they are often a passion or hobby.  As such, all cars have a budget.  

I am more than happy to spread mobile  work out on agreed timescales, capped  daily,  weekly, monthly, whatever suits your budget.

If  its  a  workshop  job,  I  always  have  a  conversation with  the  customer  to  be  clear  on  exactly what  work  is  required.


Workshop  labour  is  £30  per  hour.

Mobile  labour  is  £30  per  hour  plus  a  one  way  per hour  travelling  charge.

For  example,  driving  for  one  hour  or  less  to  get to  you  then  working  six  hours,  would  come  to;  

£30  (travelling)  +  £180  ( 6  hours)  =  

Total  £210.

 To  work  this  out  on  Google  maps,  my  workshop  postcode  is  B33  8BU.

Do I need a garage?

I  run  a  workshop,  so  if  you  dont  have  cover,  I  can  work on  your  car  there.    If  mobile,  a  covered workspace is preferred,  but not essential, I am happy to work on a driveway as long as it’s not raining.

On that note, if its raining all day, and we need to cancel  because you have no cover, don’t worry, you can’t control the weather, we’ll reschedule at no extra cost.

Do you apply a finish after welding?

Generally I  apply  anti  rust  treatment,  and  primer  after  I  have  finished  welding  In  the  workshop.    If  underneath  I  can  apply  stonechip  or  similar  to  your  preference.  

Please  enquire if  you  want  top  coat  paint  applying.    

I can’t find any repair panels for my car!

Don‘t worry, many classic cars have a limited aftermarket support, I am fully skilled in fabricating repair sections   for  whatever  car  you  drive.